Creative DIY Monoprint Fabric For Your Pillows

This shall be your next project if you want to be creative. This project is practical and fun, and involve sewing and painting. Here we’ll show you how to make a fabric with monoprint design. This fabric is usable for most everything that you like such as for blankets, and pillows. For this project, you’ll need some things. You must prepare paint and some fabric. You also have to get a rolling pin, brushes, and freezer paper.

First, lay down some freezer paper on the surface where you work to be able to protect it. When you have everything you need, take another paper sheet then use the paper to create a surface with shiny side face up. Later, make sure of the color option that you’re going to use as well the design that you want to make. The paint tends to dry quickly thus apply the paint to the paper immediately. When you feel delighted with the design, take the painted paper and lay it with the fabric.

Cover the fabric with some freezer paper. With the rolling pin then press hard to the bottom, and then roll it over the fabric. This will cause the paint to stick evenly on the fabric. Peel off the fabric but previously, do the prior steps for several times. You can use the fabric for the cushions of the pillow and for anything else, but wait until the paint dry completely.


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12 Photos of the Creative DIY Monoprint Fabric For Your Pillows

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