Creative DIY Peacock Seat

Elements of nature and its beauties have impressed us to the core. Our existence is marked with unique images created from impressive landscapes, spectacular phenomena, amazing animals, and nature’s wonderful plants. Imagine the beautiful rainbow that appear suddenly on the blue sky, the fish with amazing colors that live in the deep waters, as well the beautiful plant with exotic appearance.

This list of natural beauties is incomplete without the fan of a peacock which has beautiful colors. The peacock that walks firmly is not a common sight that we see everyday. This bird is impressive and lovely and the colored fan is the most interesting because it has a nice shape and design. Kids also love this bird because they represent a groupd that appreciate insects, birds, and all kinds of animals. Kids are very close to the animals they loved, so they are so difficult to separate from their pet. So you may choose this DIY project if you want to win their attention. With some paper quiling you can make a beautiful DIY Peacock Seat.

A sitting place with attractive look can be created from a transparent chair. This can be made from colored paper strips and hundreds of crescent shapes that stucked together. The back rest and its arrangement takes the shape of the peacock’s fan. The chair looks nice and juyfull from use of vivid colors. Between the sheets of acrylic all of the arrangement is fit. This piece is applicable to use as a decorative item and kids will love this.

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12 Photos of the Creative DIY Peacock Seat

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