Creative Driftwood DIY Hanger

When you go for a walk and follow the route to the river perhaps you’ve seen plenty of driftwood there. Go there and get some for you. These natural woods are perfect for use in all kinds of DIY projects. They can be used for something great in the house or used as materials for your doghouse. This hanger is made from this kind of material.

To make such a beautiful item you have to follow some steps. First, collect those materials. Then a branch or a piece of driftwood must be there. Determine the size and the shape of this item. Prepare the tools such as pliers, hammer, screw in hooks, picture hangers, paintbrushers, paints, and masking tape. Clean the wood. If what you make is the same as seen in the pictures, you’ll have to use masking tape for some stripes.

First, paint the stripes and then decide what colors you want to use. Remove the tape carefully all is dry. Perhaps you want to use a combination of two color or use multiple colors. Let them dry and then  find the flattest surface from the side of the lamp. This side will lean against the wall. Take the hammer and then put one or two hangers with picture according to the size of the wood that you choose as well the weight of objects hang on it. When done, place the hooks on the determined spots and then have them screwed to the wood. If necessary, use some pliers too. Now put it on the wall, but take the wood first. Now there is a fixed place where you can hang your keys, bag, and coat, all with your original idea. Visit lovelyindeed and find the full project.


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4 Photos of the Creative Driftwood DIY Hanger

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