Creative Wall Paneling by B&N – Iconic Panels

The days for the outdated wallpapers and boring paints have ended, you must give your house more exciting patterns of decoration with this decorative wall paneling by B&N. This technique is brand new. As the name suggests, the iconic paneling is true it brings your house the power of the star with carved patterns which range from traditional to contemporary designs, from blooms to birds, and of course abtract.

The technique of carved wood lamination is used to produce this wall paneling and you can mount it, glue, nail, screw, and saw according to your expectations. Overall this wall paneling is durable and give a sculpted look to your house. You’re good to go once you add a hardware, accessories, shelving, and paint as you wish. This wall paneling is not only qualified with cores that resistant to water, it also fire rated, LEED qualified, and chic asthetics. Visit B&N and look for more details.


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6 Photos of the Creative Wall Paneling by B&N – Iconic Panels

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