Custom Alphabet Pillows

Everybody is a unique individual, we have our own specialities and sometime we want to show it when we have the chance. Most people fond of custom objects because they look unique and original and represent them. You can see those who have multiple tattoos in their body or people who wear necklaces with the first alphabet of their name that represent somebody or symbolize something. All these signatures are their personal creations and recognizable by others.

This DIY project is a pleasant way in expressing your originality or to customize your room with some attractive alphabet pillows. For this project you may need some recycled suit jackets as the main materials and then changed into some letters with different sizes and various accessories.

The letter that you make will determine the size of the pillow. The size can be bigger or smaller. They can be matched with different interiors and look attractive because they come with pocket, buttons, and various colors. If you believe that someone would adore your creative work because their first name is seen on the pillows, you can treat them as gifts with custome sizes. These custom alphabet pillows can have an educative functions or used solely as regular convenient pillows. One thing for sure, these pieces represent your room’s decorative items. If these attractive and huge pillows seen by kids, they will fond of learning alphabets. The price of these pillows start from $75.


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5 Photos of the Custom Alphabet Pillows

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