Custom Bathtub Designs from Epoca Egg Series Treesse

When you call Gruppo Treesse for a custom bathtub, you will be served with the Epoca Egg series which has a unique design. The idea is very original and symbolize the character of this company. Moreover, with so many appliqués, décor, and finishings as well special materials, these bathtubs will personalize your bathroom. These bathtubs come with decorative accents, painted finishes, Swarovski crystal, and upholstered with customizable capitonne.

These collection series including the New Classic Young Bathtubs, Nina, Epoca Egg, and the Epoca. First of all, determine your favorite design and decide how you want it to be. Not long after that, your originality is reflected on the result. The design is personified with the Epoca Egg Design (above is Epoca Egg Lady). Stay tuned for more reports.


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4 Photos of the Custom Bathtub Designs from Epoca Egg Series Treesse

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