Digitally-printed floral lampshades in Nasturtium

Elements that people use to give a décor more texture and colors are the lamp shades. In the matter of functions, they are not so different with a pillow. When used as elements for house decorating project, the lamp and lamp shades are both charming and functional. They have various prints and patterns for use in these cases. Floral prints are used very often because they spice up the atmosphere and bring bold and bright colors, they also known for their touch of feminine.

A new material known as nasturtium is used for the colorful shades of the lamp, this fabric is specifally dedicated for the moon in winter. Brie Harrison created this lovely lampshades. The price is range from £48.00 to £66.00, and have two different sizes. The nasturtium is printed in the UK, made of a combination of linen which constitute the basic material of it. Eventhough this material is printed digitally, they can’t avoid some small marks that are typical to this process, and they are not considered imperfections.

There are two different versions of these colorful lampshades : as a table or a floor lampshade, or as a pendant shade. They also come in two different sizes : small and large. The small dimension is sizing 22 cm in height and 30 cm in diameter, while for the large size, the height is 25 cm and the diameter is 45 cm. The larger ones are also available but need three weeks to reach your door.  At the same time, the floral pattern of the lampshades is beautiful and constrasted with bold colors, so everything is more colorful.


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3 Photos of the Digitally-printed floral lampshades in Nasturtium

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