DIY: Art Pieces for the Home

You can change the look of all rooms in your house by adding an art piece. Art can make a focal point in a room, add flair and style to any space, it also serve as finishing touch in your design. Artwork often regarded as big bucks by some people but actually not like that. To get a particular effect in your living room no one said hat you should hang a Picasso. Basically, you can make your own pieces of art for your house and become the artist yourself.


Photography is one of the easiest and quickest method of adding artwork to your house. All you need is a regular digital camera and some original ideas, specific training in the field of photography is not required. Just take any pictures such as a cloudy day and the sky, the lake and the feet of your daughter in the water or some flowers in your garden.

Doing photography is very easy and the image can be edited to get the effect that you want. Create a look with more abstract ideas, crop the picture, or get a more dramatic look by boosting the color, or turn a photograph black and white.

Odds and Ends

An artwork with lovely shape can be made by using random odds and ends from around the house. Grab some cans take the wrappings and have them glued together. For a hip look with modern ambience then try to put fresh flowers and have them mounted on the wall.


For a sweet touch of nature then between two panes of glass, you can press a dried flower and hang it on the wall. For a natural feeling inside the house you can add some birds, rainbows, or  sunflowers, or even whip up an abstract work by using some watercolor paints. Create a statement from a simple piece of art from damask wallpaper or a piece of floral and frame it.


If you love culinary world then stick with it and prove it in the next DIY art piece. Take a postcard and give it a frame using a menu from one of your favorite restaurants or even a couple of wine glass. If you want you can try some ornamentation of food, a very popular idea for decoration in plenty of homes. Take some cabbage heads and then insert some tea candles with small size and put them on the wall, you can even cut the inner sides of some avocados and then put them in paint and stamp on top a piece of paper in multiple colors for a fruity piece and fun.

DIY projects give more personal touch to your home and save you a lot of money in addition to lots of fun. You can be proud of your work as well on the story behind them to tell the guests as you entertain them with the lovely pieces of art hanging on the walls. Have fun with it, express yourself, and use your original ideas.


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