DIY chaise lounge for outdoor use

See these attractive lounge chairs and guess, were they a DIY project or not? Well the answer is not, but actually you can make almost the same type of this by following the instructions and focus on all given details. In finishing this project, you must be patient. Finally, you will have two or more loungers to sit on while you enjoy the pleasant weather of the summer. These loungers are so stylish and comfortable to use.

Basically the shape of these chairs are imitating Pottery Barn’s design. But you may just need $20 to make them. First of all, you must make planning and then go to the store to buy supplies. Then by using four wooden board, make a frame with rectangular shape. Then get the other three boards and attach them for support. All these pieces can be assembled using a nailer or a drill. Furthermore, some wood glue are also essential. Once the chaice is done, get the back and then assemble it. To make you sure that they match, get each board aligned on top of the other.

The base has to be attached to the back. For doing this, you will have to use utility hinges with small dimension. The backrest has to be accompanied with stoppers, and that it made of scraps of wood. You can attach the stoppers by picking the angle for the backrest to sit. Next, you can send the frame once the job is done. If you prefer, the frame can be painted and then put your feet on the chaise. The actual design came with wheels but you are not forced to use them if the wheels are difficult to install, or if you don`t like them. The chaise lounge is completed after you add items like cushion, a soft mattress or anything that you like to use from the entire house. (discovered on shanty-2-chic).


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3 Photos of the DIY chaise lounge for outdoor use

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