DIY Concrete Wall Idea

If you want more texture to add to your house you should take a better look at the big picture and not concentrate on the slender details. For instance, start big on all of the wall. The atmosphere and the look of the house will change and with the use of a concrete wall it would make a nice addition. In the beginning you may find that this project is complicated or abit scary. In reality, you can do this project with ease.

We’re giving you an example to let you know about this project. This concrete wall was developed by Kara Paslav. She wanted her house to undergo a complete change because he thought ther home has started to look unfashionable. For that big piece with accent she selected a concrete wall. This particular energy is not that easy to be placed like other type of elements. This element is eclectic, with traditional, rustic, and contemporary touches. A product called Ardex SD-M is used for this wall.

She began by mixing water with the content of the bag (about 1/3). It shall have a better consistency than a pancake. To make the paste spread on the wall, a drywall knife is used by her. At first,it didn’t look very good, but she likes the texture and the inconsistency. You can sand the marks out if you prefer a smoother look. Before you apply the second coat, the first coat has to dry completely. Your work is done once that one is dry. It can be done easily and not as difficult as it seems.


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4 Photos of the DIY Concrete Wall Idea

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