DIY cork containers

With inexpensive and simple materials you can make a lot of amazing decorations. Cork is the star of the day. You can make some beautiful containers, and simple vases from this material and your décor will have more texture and beauty when you display them somewhere. For this DIY you may need some pins of clothespins, a ruler, some extreme craft glue, a roll of cork, spray paint, and some cans.

Take the cans and start washing them. Go to the kitchen and find vegetable or soup cans that everyone use in the kitchen. Clean the sticky areas and peel off the labels. Then start to paint each interior of the can once they all dry.  Continue the next step to the exterior. According to what you want, you can use any color. Then at the end of the roll, place the bottom of the can there, and roll out the cork after the paint is absolutely dry. Use a pencil to mark the width of the can then use the ruler to create a long line with straight direction.

You can have the can wrapped once or to have the cork wrapped twice so that the pins can be sticked with ease to it. Next, place a thick bead of extreme craft glue at the end of the cork roll and then start rolling the can to have more glue as you go. Then at the other end add more bead of glue and use pins to secure it until its dry. When you are ready to fill the containers with pencils, flowers and anything else you want. This project will last for years, look cute, and simple.

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4 Photos of the DIY cork containers

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