DIY – How to make your own chalkboard

We have shown you how to make paint with chalkboard in the previous article. You know this project is fun for all ages, very versatile and not difficult to make as you read through the article. In this section we’ll show how to use paint for good use but first you must know how to make a chalkboard. The chalkboard can have any sizes and can be taken anywhere as you pleased. If you wish to hang it on a wall, you will need a wall hooks and a roller, you also need chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, primer, and wood. As you wish, the board can have any sizes. Take a coat of primer and start applying them.

If you have made or bought two coats of chalkboard paint then begin to apply and let it dry. Between each coat, let it dry completely. Look for the d ring hangers and then attach once its dried. Its all done when the board is hung on the wall. The board could be skipped and just become part of the cabinet or the wall but then it wouldn’t be able to be moved around. So wherever you want, the chalkboard can be placed in this way.

Make some lists of grocery in the kitchen with it, or place it in the kids’s room to add joyful atmosphere, just place it anywhere you wish. It allows you to express yourself with your own way as easy, as creative, and as fun as you can.


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