DIY mail basket

Somebody sends mails to us. We often have no place to keep them and just throw them away anywhere until they pile up and begin to use up space. When this happens, we begin to think of a mail basket. This project is easy to make and the materials can be found anywhere around the house. This process is not very difficult, everyone can do it. For this project, you may need a leather needle, heavy thread with wax, awl or a leather punch with hole, a tack hammer, a drill press, a saw, tacks, some straps from leather, a 1 x 2 hardwood board, and a 5/8 wide dowel from hardwood.

First, start by taking the wood pieces and cut them. Next take the board and cut into 6” pieces and a 12” piece. Create a piece of dowel sizing 12 ½ by cutting it. Now make some holes by drilling. Grab the 6” pieces and then from the front end and the centers measure ¾ and drill a wide hole sizing 5/8”. In terms of depth, it has to be ½’’. Then continue creating holes with pocket size by drilling the back piece in 12”. Continue by cutting the leather straps once you have created the holes. In length they have to measure 11”.

From one end of the leather straps you should punch four holes. The end will be close to two of them and the size of the other two is 2” in. Then by using the waxed thread start you sew up all the threads. On the top edge put some tacks and then when you give the wall frame the attachment, ensure that the screws are hidden underneath. Look for a wall on the corner and get the frame assembled and attached to it. Now the mail basket is completely yours. Place it where you can throw mail to it and easy to find, just anywhere you want.


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7 Photos of the DIY mail basket

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