DIY twine-wrapped pencil holder

A pencil holder is necessary for every desk. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two pens, you need something to store there so that you don’t have to look for them in the drawer. So why don’t you make your own pencil holder by changing the look of your desk?

Make this twine wrapped pencil holder and learn how. First, prepare yourself some supplies. You should prepare a sticky tape and paper, a cylindrical container, colorful arcrylic paint, 7 meters of twine and a container with the same size as in the given example a sponge and a paint brush, and some fast dry glue. At the base of the container then apply some glue and stick the twine at the end of it. Let the glue dry for some time and then around the container wrap the twine.

Hold the container and then apply the glue and with the same technique wrap the twine around it. Leave a strip untouched and wrap only a portion or in twine the whole container. Use a piece of paper to cover one section if you choose to let a portion unwrapped. Then begin painting. If necessary, you can use as many coats as you want. Get rid of the piece of paper and let it dry.


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4 Photos of the DIY twine-wrapped pencil holder

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