DIY wall bike hanger made from old bike parts

We tend to place the bike on the wall, this method has been so common to us thus we make a wall bike hanger. Wall bike hangers offer practicality and functionality and are quite popular among the people. They give us plenty of options. Use soma parts from old bike to create a bike hanger if you want something unique and original.

Everything is easy if you already have an old bike. You can get the parts from other sources. First, prepare all the necessary things. For this project, you will need a level and two wood screws, a drill, a measuring tape, a wall flange that fits a pipe, stem from a threaded piece of galvanized steel pipe, an old tire. One quill stem that fits the bars of the handle, a set of drop styled handle bars. Puuting the handle bars into the stem is the first thing you have to do.

Find the wall flange and attach the pipe to it then find the pipe and insert the quill. Then with wood screws, hang everything on the wall. Whats the height you want the bike to be stored and then use the measuring tape. The work is done once the hanger is well attached to the wall. this project can be cone in several minutes and quite simple to do. You don’t have to spend a penny for the materials, plus you can do this in your house.


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6 Photos of the DIY wall bike hanger made from old bike parts

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