Do It Your Self (DIY) Vintage Teacup Flower Pots

I like a lot of nice things with vintage style. For instance, I love vintage jewelry. When I see them I recalled the memory of the past when they were so fashionable and bring a particular matter of those times. But not all my tastes are satisfied by some vintage things. I’m not always attracted to vintage clothes or vintage furniture. I think my personality and my type don’t match the vintage clothes and vintage furniture makes me feel like loosing oxygen because the sizes are too massive.

The next DIY is using some vintage tea cups that you thought they are not fashionable anymore and useless, what we will make is some nice DIY Vintage Teacup Flower Pots. Give a second chance to them and the next SIY will tell it all to you. Adding your favorite plants and filling your vintage tea cups with some potting soil is the only thing you must do. This DIY project is not very costly, simple, and easy to do. You can use them for your house décor or used as presents for your loved ones. Color and some life will be brought by the  fragile plants and an old touch is added by the vintage teacups.

Every vintage things have a very nice advantage. They become more useful after reused and resaved. With a vintage jar, boot, or an old shirt, a wonderful thing can be created. Remember, old things and dusty are not supposed to be placed somewhere around the house, you can reuse them by giving a new function to them.


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2 Photos of the Do It Your Self (DIY) Vintage Teacup Flower Pots

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