Do It Yourself Concrete Lighting

For the interior, chandeliers and pendant lamps are probably the same whether in the use or in the making, but when talk about the outdoors, it needs different design of lighting fixtures. To overcome this problem, we must use several materials and must consider the conditions of the outdoors. For that reason, these beautiful fixtures are built using concrete by its designer. This material is chosen because we already familiar with it and that it has extreme durability as well resistance to nature.

Basically these lighting fixtures can be made by yourself with any readily available materials. Everything is not so difficult to do. If your design is not too complicated, it will be easier for you to take it off from the mold. Furthermore, the weight is another significant element. The consideration is that you mustn’t make it thinner than 1-1/2, and use concrete as less as you can. Dimension is other significant thing to take into account before you make the mold. The mold can be made from plywood.

When you see that the fixtures are ready, you can add some lacquer, varnish or thick coats to it. With this method, water will not corrupt the mold and the surface will be smooth too. Wiring is the most difficult part of this project. Styrofoam is recommended for this part. In addition, oil is used to coat the sides of the mold then you can pour the concrete into the mold. To ensure that all corners of the mold are filled with concrete, you must pour the concrete slowly. Then cover the mold for a day with a piece of plastic. If the concrete is dry enough, take it off from the mold. Start from the simplest sides and then to the rest. Let it dry a little longer by placing it under the sun light. Finally, place a bulb and that’s it (taken from instructables).


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8 Photos of the Do It Yourself Concrete Lighting

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