Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient House

This house is very comfortable and quiet, a suitable place for family retreat. You can find this house in Iceland. It was developed by Minarc and located in Iceland, precisely in the city of Reykjavik. This house sits in an area covering 1,500 square feet and the work was completed in 2011. The clients wanted to feel close to nature so they can relax in this place, the house was aimed to be a serene sanctuary for the family.

The house has minimalist design combined with recycleable and sustainable materials as well technologies with efficient energy usage. It has one extra loft as well 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The house design is intended to give its inhabitants a healthy and friendly environment which focused on functionality. The house was built on beautiful sorroundings and the client wanted to preserve them.

In order to use free energy source from the sun, the architects concentrate on selecting the right materials and use cross ventilation to decrease electricity cost and artificial energy power. Organic materials are other solution that they use. The client wanted the house to have lots of natural light so large windows are provided, and to lower the effect of ground movements, floors and decks are built in elevated position. Air conditioning and carpet are also provided. A vegetable garden and outdoor shower are also included in the exterior area.


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8 Photos of the Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient House

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