Efficient bathroom storage ideas for small spaces

In bathroom storage ideas for small spaces, it is recommended to use only one type of material. For example you can use bright color. If you want to use more than one material, are advised to choose a material that has bright colors to give a broader impression. In the selection of wall colors, choose colors that match the levels of gradation from dark colors to lighter colors. Choose the storage area corresponding to the size of your bathroom.

You can arrange the towel supply in the cabinet without doors and the cabinet functioned as bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. Arrange the entire towels place that is easily visible making it easier to monitor the supply of towels. If there is a section on the cabinet open shelf can be used as a jar for storage of cotton and soap. Group the items to be placed in your storage area according to its usefulness. This will make it easy to find when you needed as well as knowing the availability of the item. Take advantage of the space between the doors to the ceiling by adding shelves that can be used as additional storage space in your bathroom.

If your bathroom space is located in the area under the stairs, then you can use additional bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. Narrow room often becomes a problem when it comes to storage. The room is too cramped does not have enough space to store your stuff that much. Narrow room was also able to have enough storage space to your home could use a place that is no maximum. The small room that you have, as long as in the design and laid out with maximum then you will stay with efficient and comfortable. Start to develop your bathroom storage. Good Luck!

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