Fascinanting Eye Catching Turquoise Table Lamp

Changing some old items with the brand new ones is our tendency as human being, and we love it. But when it comes to accessories, buying some old items is surely a good idea, particularly when related to appliances. I talk about somethings that give your house a special look, something antiques and beautiful. For instance, this attractive turquoise table lamp is essential particularly for its look that make it very amazing.

Its functionality is the fact that makes it an added bonus. By the way, you can use this table lamp in combination with other turquoise accessory since the color of this table lamp is turquoise, you can even made some beautiful arrangements with this color. Remember that the visual impact will be amazing.

The material used for this lamp is the Venetian Murano Glass, made in the 1960s in Italy. When you make yourself familiar with this hand blown glass, you’ll find this lamp is amazing. In size, this table lamp is quite large but the shade of the lamp is original, complemented with excellent brass and shiny base. This table lamp is provided by 1stdibs at Ellen Ward Scarborough Antiques and the condition is excellent. To make it work, take the cord and have it attacheou will d to a plug. At first encounter, you may hate it or either love it, but you can’t ignore it.


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