Fascinating blue-trimmed house outside Manhattan

Being accustomed to living in urban areas will make us difficult to adapt to life in rural areas. Especially when we have to live in a quiet house in the village. Apparently looking for a house in the countryside is not so easy, not as easy as we look for an apartment in the city. This is really understood by the house owners in the hillside.

This little house is owned by two young men who discovered this beautiful house with blue trim. Soon they fell in love with thouse and wanted to buy it immediately. They then moved to this house and had several adjustments to the house. In the beginning, the house was terrible, it had ugly paint colors and the design was a little bit chaotic. Luckily, the owners were visionary and could see what they can do about it. They replaced the interior and gave each room a pastel color, a little different from the others but remains in similar manner. In addition, they also bought furnitures with contemporary style and made the house more spacious and airy.

In the past, there were cabinets with maroon colors in the kitchen, all seemed unmatch. But everything turned different now as they painted it white. Now the kitchen seemed more spacious, it looked inviting and brighter. When you see the house, you will find drastic changes in all sides. In terms of style, the changes are considered extensive because the house was built in 1930’s. (nytimes).


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7 Photos of the Fascinating blue-trimmed house outside Manhattan

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