Fascinating California home resting between the ocean and the highway

We often dream of having a house located near the work place but also want as close as possible to the beach where we can get several stuffs and away from daily routines in case we want to  have fun or to relax. This dream is a reality for some tycoons. This real house is exist in California and located between the highway and the ocean. Such a dream come true.

The owner of the house is a retired couple and they seek for a cool place to enjoy the rest of their live together. They said the house has to be somewhere near the city and located in the coast of California where they can benefit from the exotic views of the sunlight. This spot was finally found after they do searching for over 10 years. They really wanted to build a guest house for receiving friends and relatives but they didn`t get permission because the measure of the site is smaller than 1 acre, but overall the house is so lovely. To solve this problem, they consulted several architects without any results. In the end they met Barry Berkus from B3 architects that looked handy and can solve their problems.

They spent almost $ 5 millions and the last design was finished in 1009. Classic lines are attached to the house and the house itself was very modern. The house has edges with U square shape. Here, the owners can enjoy exotic views because the ocean is facing one wing of the house. This part is where the major living areas available as well the master bedroom.

The guest house is located in the second wing. With this system, the house can accommodate both features as well a connection between indoor and outdoor room. An open courtyard is separating both of the wing. (discovered on wsj).

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8 Photos of the Fascinating California home resting between the ocean and the highway

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