Fascinating DIY Statement Painting

People said that thousand of words can be represented by a single gesture. A whole story can be told with an image, intention, and a simple gesture that express many things. Sometimes we have to hear those words that we think of, because it is true. We feel happy as we hear someone likes or loves us, appreciate our work, and trusts us. Some circumstances are difficult to be conveyed and told but words can help us express ourselves and describe amazing feelings. We often think there are no words to explain them because the feelings may be hard to explain and we hardly find the right words.

So there are famous quotes that say, lyrics that are well-known by those who appreciate them and all sorts of messages that people love to see in front of their eyes. If you have some favorite quotes or a specific message, now you can make a great art wall painting from them. Depending on the type of message and your intentions, you may use it for the hallway, kitchen, livingroom, and your bedroom.

For this DIY project, the necessary materials including a wood frame, white house paint, some black shoe polish, and unstretched canvas. The outcome will be eye-catching and stunning. We suggest you to use capital letters that can be easily remarked by others and seen as something important, your statement painting will become more interesting with littering. Instead of using black that will fit the décor of your interior then perhaps you may use other colors that are more attractive.


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4 Photos of the Fascinating DIY Statement Painting

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