Fascinating Japanese one-story wooden house

Perhaps one of the most challenging work is designing a home for a woman. Everything has to be excellent and usually there are plenty of demands. We have to pay attention to details. The challenge increases when we design a house for two women. In this case, no one is the same, the residence is austere and very simple. This house is located in Tochigi, Japan and named the M House.

This project was developed by architects from Hiroyuki Shinozaki. This was completed in 2012. The house sits on an area measuring 138.75 square meter and covers an area of 63.87 square meters. This house was intended for two women and has one structure. In terms of structure, it resembles a couple of small volumes with organization in the middle. There is a space sizing 6m by 6m in the middle. Around the area, arrangement is made to the rest of the volumes thus from the center, they radiate.

The structures have additional rooms that include the storage area, the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Basically these structures comprise of individual volumes and are covered as well as connected by a large roof. In the ceilings they have wooden beams and they serve as a group of boxes from wood. There is a series of gaps in between them, the views to the exterior is provided by these gaps, they also serve as entry spaces and parking area. Natural light is also provided by the gaps to the living area.


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9 Photos of the Fascinating Japanese one-story wooden house

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