Fascinating Wooden Bathroom from Francoceccotti

The age of wooden bathroom has come, many people enjoy  bathing with  the wooden bathroom from Francoceccotti because it feels so natural. Within the context of bathroom, wood is rare but they are very striking. Amazingly, all of the organic elements contained in the wood is used to complement its bathroom furniture, a wonder work of this Italian Company. To make the look more stunning, a wide range of smart accessories, bathtubs, and sinks are included in the “Natural Range”.

Each piece is different because of the natural grain of wood that add to the characteristic and personality. The tubs have two different versions, the first is the Limpha bathtub with sharp style that emphasize strong lines or inlay work, the next is the Agua bathtub which is the upcoming version of the old styled tub.

There are also three different sinks that include the curvy wave, the bowl shaped thalia, the abstract, and the shallow petal. The accessories including the bridge bath tray, the deck shower tray, the ligeria chair, the tail function bench, the handy stand for clothes, and Pedra. With a wide range of products from Francoceccotti, you can enjoy the teak wood and a sense of warmth of larch in your bathroom.

This is another wooden, warm bath..


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18 Photos of the Fascinating Wooden Bathroom from Francoceccotti

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