Fascinating Wooden Beams

There is no substitute to the use of wood in any construction projects. The ancients used to make shelters by cutting down large trees and built log cabins. Thousand years have passed but the use of wood is still prevail today because wood is easy to get and protect us from the elements of nature. I like wood a lot because it is so safe and the touch is so comfortable. Wood is recommended. Thus I always look for wood elements in any parts of my house.

I like seeing magnificent buildings and one thing that i haven’t achieved until now is touching wooden beams from castles with wood materials. I am from Romania, in my country there are many historic buildings, reminiscence and castles from unusual cultures. Many of them can be seen today in good conditions. Parts of them are the exposed wooden beams. This architecture is suitable for interior with homey feel and warm.

As we hear the exposed wooden beams we often think of the old and conventional support for the roof. I can tell you one thing that I have seen some horizontal wooden beams as well cabinets and walls with glossy look in modern interiors. Until now, the exposed wooden beams are still popular but you can find them only in conventional environments, historical sites and watched time pass by, from one generation to another. (image sources :1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10).


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10 Photos of the Fascinating Wooden Beams

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