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The master bathroom ideas photo gallery consists of the shower and toilet that are usually placed in the master bedroom. The master bathroom is a bathroom that is designed with a larger size than the other bathroom in a house. Usually the master bathroom is the designation of the head of the family in the house.

The size of the master bedroom there is no provision. The bathroom is a room that requires special handling and maintenance, start sanitation utilities, major appliances, and material selection. Materials ceramic or terrazzo floors of coarse textured meant not to slip and small to expand the impression of space. Limitations can be made dry bathroom with shower glass-walled closed box or plastic curtains.

Master bathroom ideas photo gallery interior design begins with the restoration of the main sanitary structuring and planning bath up, sink, shower and closet. Comfort concept in bathroom design with separate wet area and dry area. Wet areas include shower and closet, while dry areas include sink and bath up.

Bath up as a major element in a bathroom appears as a focal point in the placement. So open the door the look is soaking. The wet area is located behind. Bath up placed right in front of the sink that flanks the entrance. The use of transparent walls for storage and use of furniture toiletries on the sink area is an interior design solution in the main bathroom. Interior design solutions should be created by the selection of finishing walls and lighting.

Master bathroom ideas photo gallery area could be designed to make the windows directly overlooking to the garden outside the house filled with plants. Thus, it can bring a fresh feel to the bathroom. To provide the privacy, you can choose a partition of frosted glass, so it will not be easily identified from the outside. Besides other things needed is the bathroom door. You can choose a sliding door that separates the toilet and lavatory of the hand washing area.

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