Five Energy Savers You Have To Build Into Your New Home

You dream of building a new house with affordable cost as well energy efficient too. This dream is rather confusing because vendors are selling everything from geothermal heat pumps to solar panels. You may spend a lot of money for all these services. But if you focus your mind around these five areas, building a house on tight budget is very easy.

Insulation : consist of three basic types. Foam, cellulose, and batt. Foam is the most expensive type. The second type, Cellulose, is actually shredded paper nixed with boric acid. The wall is wet and blown in the ceiling. The third type, batt  is the cheapest and stuffed in between the joints and the studs. This type is often badly installed and is not that efficient because of gaps. Each type is provided with detractors and advocates. After we went through all the details, we choose Cellulose. The price for all the three range from $15,500 for foam, $11,000 for cellulose and $8,500 for batt. We choose cellulose and happy with the result.

Windows : In here, you must know LoE, or Low emissivity. Details are not that important, all is about science. This abbreviation can be found on the energy label and the windows that you choose must be graded LoE. Going overboard is not recommended, but stick to quality.

Doors:  the same with the woindows.

Cooling and Heating :  the HVAC units are the most important part and the main expenditures for your new home. Since the beginning, do some research and use common sense. When choose an air conditioner, make sure that it has a good SEER rating because Texas is extremely hot here. Choose the very best one. Rate 13 is considered a maximum SEER factor. My valuation showed that 13 to 14 point for each increment is obtainable. I had to pay about $1,000 and can save about $70 per year for this rating. A SEER of 13 worked wonderful and I can use my money wisely, the previous is a payback for up to fourteen years. I had to pay $235 for a 4,400 square foot house, my biggest electric bill per month.

Plan : Make a prior planning such as in the placement of bedroom. If you place all your bedrooms upstair, you should get two units of HVAC, one in the downstairs and the other one in the upstairs. Avoid direct sun light with proper arrangement for the windows. If you need, you can ask the architect or the planner of the house to do this. Do this before you before the house is built.

Investing in excellent and the best components and materials are necessary, the key to energy planning. In todays era where energy usage costs a lot of money, the efficient units of HVAC, insulation, door, and the future energy of solar becomes a potential solution.


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