Fountainhead Toilet from Kohler with Eco-friendly Flush

The latest product from KBIS 2008

The Kohler Fountainhead Suite and the rest of the range is completed with the arrival of the one piece fountainhead toilet. This fountainhead toilet is very attractive and make a good addition to your bathroom. The fountainhead toilet is more like a sculpted silhouette, looks very iconic, and stand alone without a tank. The lid or the toilet seat can close or open with a simple touch button, it also has an automatic flushing mechanism.

With each flush, a considerable amount of energy is conserved and until now the technology of Power Lite Flushing is the most powerful. Other features embedded in the Fountainhead toilet including : Ergonomic and heated seat that will rid of the chilly cheeks, and an LED light to make sure that during the night you don’t have no stubbed toes. This piece has the prospect of making your bath more inviting and welcoming : The Fountainhead Comfort Height toilet is from Kohler.


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1 Photos of the Fountainhead Toilet from Kohler with Eco-friendly Flush

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