From Grove to Cozy Home in Setagaya

This beautiful house was once a vacant area filled with overgrown shrubs. All trees had been removed and then architects began to build the house. But evidently not all groves had been cleared, to overcome this, the arthitects came with a brilliant idea. They decided to incorporate the original landscape in the design of the house.

The house project was handed to SKAL + OUVI, and the house itself is located in the city of Tokyo, Japan, precisely in the prefecture of Setagaya. The house sits in an area measuring 45,61 square meters. The house was built with careful planning because the owners wanted enough sunlight on the ground floor, and to be far enough from the neighboring site hence the house will be quite. Seeing the the site wasn’t that extensive, they thought of placing the house diagonally because they didn’t have much choice.

After that, they put plants and trees surrounding the area in random position. With this method, they make the site looked larger instead of smaller. Beside of that, the whole area looks very bright thanks to the proper sunlights.

The owner wanted the house to look different thus the house organization and internal structures were planned painstakingly. The bedroom and the bathroom, the kid’s room, the living room and dining room, as well the kitchen are connected in parallel. In short, this house has a personal character as well a sense of continuation from the previous space. All parts of the house can have equal distributions of natural light thus this house is a dream come true. (taken from archdaily).


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6 Photos of the From Grove to Cozy Home in Setagaya

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