Futuristic Kitchen Design Idea by SieMatic S1 Kitchen

According to SieMatic S1 Kitchen, the future is all about preision and perfection. The future kitchen has to be astonishingly direct and perfectly breathtaking hence you have no choice but to continue working on your culinary creations. The kitchen becomes more lively as your friends and families spend the time together to enjoy tasty cuisines, just very great to have everything in its place. Stacks of storage are revealed as the drawers of the S1 kitchen glide opened, moreover a flip up lid exist down the cranny of the clever little storage so all messes are hidden. The kitchen island has this too.

The worktop cupboards are 1 cm thick and fronted by simple and natural panels with dark or light finishes, inspired from minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, the front has MaticMotion handles on the cupboards and all drawers. The kitchen turns into something more special because of the existence of the Smartboard. This works to control the entertainment system available in the kitchen such as a hi-fi system and a flat screen TV (remote control device is also available). The S1 kitchens are provided with optional lightings to control features, to highlight corners, so all your moods are met.

With this system the ambience of the S1 kitchen are more dazzling. The future kitchen will look brighter than ever with the addition of the SieMatic S1 Kitchen.


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13 Photos of the Futuristic Kitchen Design Idea by SieMatic S1 Kitchen

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