German Flying Kitchen Design by Unikat

The Flying Kitchen from Unikat is a formidable kitchen design from Germany. If you care for ultra modern design, this choice is ideal for you, you will love the natural look of the wood. Country kitchen is past history. The natural beauty of the wood is completing this kitchen’s “science fiction.” The wooden island with massize size in the kitchen is the new centerpiece. This piece is highly versatile, applicable for use as a table or a bar, even for food preparation area. It has a sleek top and come with funky stainless steel finish.

The alcove of the island fits nicely with the cool rigid wooden stools. The tall wall unit with its appliance is mirrored the appearance of the island, the geometrical form is excellently integrate with the oven. This urban kitchen is functional, stressing the natural texture of wood as well the stainless steel with its universal neutrality, a blend that will last to the end, this piece will wave you away.


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5 Photos of the German Flying Kitchen Design by Unikat

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