Have Fun and Relax at Wanaka House

The house is built to give us protection, comfort, and privacy. It should be the place where we can do everything that we want, let you forget of the noisy  and the crowded in the city where you live in, and allow you to be the hoset at any entertaining occasion. These ideas inspired the Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects when they began working on the project called Wanaka House.

A single residence with sophisticated design located in Wanaka, New Zealand become the major reference to this project. It looks like a luxury plane that landed in an area surrounded by forest vegetation, among the beautiful mountains, and the whole building looks blend with the surrounding landscape. The site provides a good protection for the house from the causes of nature.

The building looks even more elegant as the whole building is sorrounded with floor to ceiling windows, the transparent windows provide a large amount of light from the outside and offers good views. The formal design of the house seem to be broken by the modern white dinner table with a look that resemble a meeting table but the shade of the lamp is made of written messages, photos, and ceiling lighting.

The area of the kitchen is also elegant with white atmopshere like a dream bathroom that extends excellent panaorama from the natural environment. The area of the living room is filled with grey nuances that and are perfecte by the red accents that people used for sophisticated chair that we see here.

The gabion wall seemed very impressive as it serves as the entrance area of the building. The building looks more natural as it is integrated into the landscape. The point of separation between the garage is represented here, it made of timber walls sourced of the major house. This building seem to cover all expectations and tastes and built as a peaceful reatreat, for relaxation, and for entertainment.


11 Photos of the Have Fun and Relax at Wanaka House

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