Have fun in the kitchen with your painted wooden spoons

Wooden spoons can serve various purposes and very handy in the kitchen because their texture doesn’t damage the finish. Anyway, their plain look often make them slightly boring. But you can mend the look by changing the color of the paint.

When coming in contact with the food the paint would be dangerous so not the whole part of the spoon is repainted. Only the handle and a small portion of it will be repainted.  This project is fun and very simple, and this is the great thing about this project. In running this project the kids can be involved and let them work the spoons. In the kitchen, you will make them find something right. you must to do the following :

First, find some wooden spoons and then sand them up gently. The paint will adhere better with this. Then right from the base, a few inches up, take a piece of a painters tape then wrap it up. You may want all the spoons to look similar when they are hung on the wall so it would be good to line the tape up. Now paint them and let the kids do that. It would be good if you do the painting yourself but you should also let them do the work so they know how it feels to be involved in something special. You can teach them how to paint the spoons with fruits or their fave veggies or just let their creativity flow. Use shellac a food safe element to spray the painted area of the spoons and let the paint completely.


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