“Hole in the Water” faucet diffuses water flow by Airo

Would you ask for more other than beauty and brains from a faucet? Well the bathroom faucet by Airo really diffuse the flow of water hence this medium is not wasting this precious resource or overlook the convenience of the consumer. The “hole in the water” bathroom faucet is so magical. The water flows through a unique feature of this faucet. The water stream is obstructed partially by a diffuser and resulting a ring with jet shape with bigger diameter compared to other faucets. The name is “hole in the water” because its only use less of water.

These days, this faucet is really plausible. With this faucet you can make the earth young again, preserve natural resource as well contribute to the environment. Visit Airo for more information about this eco friendly bathroom faucet.


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2 Photos of the “Hole in the Water” faucet diffuses water flow by Airo

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