How To: Cheap Ways to Switch Up Your Kitchen

The thought of redoing a kitchen can be quite daunting. As one of the most regularly used rooms in most homes, it is often one of the most complicated and expensive to renovate. Before you hand out a ton of money and demolish your kitchen from the ground up, there are a few decorating tips worth considering. You can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen space, without requiring a full demolition team and thousands of dollars.

Countertop Change.

Changing the countertops is one of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen. With so many different materials and colors to choose from, your options are pretty much endless, and there are just a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the right one for your kitchen. Your budget is one of the biggest determining factors, and also your personal preference of what you want the end results to be. From concrete to natural stone, laminate to marble, browse around and consider your options before making any final decisions. Either way, a quick countertop change is relatively inexpensive, yet can totally transform the look of your room.

Color is Key.

If you want to add some oomph to your kitchen, use color as your key to transformation. Even just changing the color of a single wall in the room can bring a whole new look. The bolder and brighter a hue you choose, the more dramatic the results, but even sticking with a softer, neutral shade can completely change the mood in the space. A deep red or sunny yellow adds personality to the room and with the right accessories and other finishing touches, a new coat of paint can be all you need to recreate your kitchen.

On Display.

People are often too concerned with keeping every little thing put away in the kitchen, leaving the countertops bare and everything in its right place. One way to change up the look of your kitchen is to opt for a more unexpected design. Change the cupboards to glass so you can see through into the dishes or food cupboards. It creates interest and a certain element of surprise, which can be fun in your kitchen space. Adding glass fronts also adds more dimension to your kitchen, instantly reviving the space.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to create excitement and add change to your kitchen space. No matter what scheme or theme you have in mind, you can make it work with an inexpensive design plan that you can handle all on your own. Forget the wrecking crew this time around and take the task on yourself.

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