How to paint the bedroom nightstands

In the days approaching the celebration of the easter, people make their house look new and clean the entire area. I had the same case as this one and I tried hard to accomplish these in the house of my mother in law. Her apartment is filled with old stuff and vintage furniture, it seems that a little cleaning is sufficient to make the whole change to the room. I used the work of this couple as an example who uses plenty of paint to make their house clean and nice.

In one occasion the True Value urged the couple to use the new EasyCare Paint &Primer. The couple accepted the challenge and they purchased two side tables with tall size and opted a semi gloss dark grey color. The result of the work was great. They use something sparkly to change the wooden pulls of the drawer thus they have two side tables with elegant style for their bedroom. This is totally change the fact and the nuance of the room.

The paint,