How to remove the permanent maker stains from the furniture

When finding a blank area on the furniture or the walls of the house, the children are always delighted and begin making graffiti or paint it with a color. Sometimes, the mess is very difficult to clean and forced us to repaint everything. But this problem can be solved with a few solutions. If the writings come from permanent marker, the chance for the mess to be cleaned is easy.

Try using toothpaste to cover the stains and then use a damp cloth to scrub them off. This method is guaranteed to work on porcelain, painted walls, and wood paneling. Try to use other ways in case this doesn’t work. For instance, you can use toothpaste to rub the stains and then leave it work for two minutes, then by following the grain of the wood take a soap and wet dishcloth then rub the stain out. Pay attention that the toothpaste you use is not containing abrasives and not in the form of a gel.

The next trick that work is using a dry erase marker to cover the mark, when its dry you can wipe it off. Probably the ink will be pulled up too. Another idea is using a pencil eraser, mixing ¾ cup of household ammonia with a quart water to get the clothing soaked in the solution, using hair spray, applying sunscreen, or using insect repellent. These ideas came from those who have tried them out with fine results. Don’t expect for these solutions to work 100% because they may not work in every case. Some of them would make things worse, but everything is determined with what you want to clean, the finish, the type of material, and the number of different factors.


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