How to remove the sticky residue from stickers, labels or tape

One of the most difficult thing to do is getting rid of the sticky residue from  things such as tape, label, or stickers. Somebody has to do this. Thus you must know how to get rid of annoying sticker on your furniture when you purchase a new piece of furniture. When you know the right procedure to this problem you can stay relaxed and can finish faster, the solution is pretty simple. In such circumstances, we have brought a list of items that people thought useful. Without damaging the surface,the sticky residue can be removed with this way. Anyway, there is no warrant that this will leave marks would be good that before you put it to first attempt, you try it first in unnoticeable area.

These list of items can assist you in getting rid of the sticky residue such as perfume, eucalyptus oil, furniture polish, cooking spray, vegetable oil, rubber cement thinner, paint thinner, kerosene, lighter fluid, water paste and baking soda, robbing alcohol, vinegar, baby oil, hair spray, hand lotion, toothpaste, petroleum jelly, and nail polish remover. Other things may also apply such as mayonnaise, margarine, and peanut butter. These substances have the possibility to damage the finish, especially on wood. One thing that I know working is using a pencil eraser in case you find difficulties in removing a sticker from a book or other similar items. Without leaving a mark behind, the sticker and the glue will come right off.

There are other methods that you can use to remove a label or sticker out of a surface that may easily damaged. For instance, use a hair dryer to heat the residue and then use a warm, wet and soapy cloth to wipe it off. Beside of that, you can use a duct tape and press on the residue, then lift it up immediately. These are all suggestions. These may seem silly but they do successful in removing the residue.


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