Ingenious wall storage unit made from milk crates

If you consider yourself a creative person then you have to be able to change everything into an original piece for the house. For instance, you can create a wall unit of stirage from simple thing such as a milk crate. Oftentimes we use the milk crates to store everything from documents, records, and kitchen supplies. They can save place as their shape is modular and can be stacked on top of each other.

For this project, you’ll have to prepare some washers with different sizes, aluminum drywall anchors with cone shape, and 3 drywall screws. You also have to prepare some tools such as a pencil, a measuring tape, a level, a drill, and a 1/8? or ¼? drill bit. On the wall, begin the work by drawing a level line. From various areas take an exact measurement of the height and then get all the dots connected. Take two 45º lines from the level line using a speed square.

Then, in the bottom of the crate in two places, take a crate and drill a 1/8? – 1/4? pilot bit and drill into the wall, passing any open spaces. Find the anchors and screw it into that. The installation of the first crate is now finish. The next step is determining a design and to implement it into all the crates. You are free to create an asymmetrical design and multiple levels. You are free to do anything. For more strength, use the handles to get the crates tied together.

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4 Photos of the Ingenious wall storage unit made from milk crates

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