Innovative lighting fixture Stickbulb by Rux Design

Make your house more alive with all kinds of strategies. You can use candles, a romantic table lamp, a sophisticated floor lamp, a decent pendant lamp, a sumptuous chandelier or these lighting sticks. This piece is called the Stickbulb, designed by RUX in the New York City. The Stickbulb is an innovative creation and has an attractive design.

The Stickbulb is also called an LED lighting fixture with modular style. The name of this lighting stick is very suggestive.

This item is made of thin strips of wood, particularly from several wooden sticks secured together in a key spots and interconnected to each other. You need the LED technology to light up these sticks light. Recylaimed wood is used to make these modular lighting sticks. They are made in RUX’s workshop in New York City.

Various materials can be used by workers to create a stickbulb. The materials for these stick bulb range from the sun bleached Ipe Salvaged from the broadwalk of Coney Island to maple wood.  For In order for these modern lighting fixture to be created, All the wood is repurposed and salvaged. The Stickbulb can  be used as floor lamps. In accordance with the requirements of the user, they can be arranged because they have modular design. You can use them according to your necessities, the shape is very flexible.  To bring new life to the house, these lighting fixtures are the answer. They will standout wherever they are, they have eye catching, details and its decorations are modern.


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3 Photos of the Innovative lighting fixture Stickbulb by Rux Design

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