Inspired by Japanese Tea House by David Jameson

This structure is made of glass and bronze located in Bethesda, United States, precisely in the backyard of a suburban  house. In the backyard, it is not the kind that you would expect to see. This structure was developed by David Jameson Architect and serve as a tea house.

The design of the tea house is inspired from Japanese building. It reminds us to the lantern with japs style. It looks more like a box within a box. Basically, it is a structure of glass filled with bronze frame within another frame, this time without glass walls and bigger. Once you know that this space is relaxing, you will see what I mean, especially when you see the unusual design. the house serve as a stage for the family recitals in music also as a space for meditation. The space is adaptable and flexible and it will always feel relaxing and calm all the time.

Bamboo strands are used to frame the glass structure and the bronze, its not only serve as forecourt areas before you go inside the tea house, but also as protective space. A transparent walls from glass is strengthening the connection because the outdoors and the indoors are connected by a transitional space. The influence of the japs style is not stop until comparing the lantern. When people enter this space, they immediately aware of the Zen Influence, especially the feature of the tea house which has an origami stair.


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7 Photos of the Inspired by Japanese Tea House by David Jameson

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