Inspiring Branch Pendant Lamp DIY

The nature is inspirational because it is so relaxing and pure. There are nature elements that can be used in your house. For example, take a look at this branch light. This branch light is so functional, it will transform the look of your house with a modern touch, and the nature itself is not forgotten.

This branch light can be made from materials you often see in your house. You might need : wire and three pendants to provide electricity to the lights, and a long branch (use a dry branch that you can find on the ground and don’t cut it from a tree). Furthermore, you must keep the branch from falling so it can stay firmly in its place, don’t make you get hurt in your head while you are having party with some of your friends.

This branch light can save your money, because you can make it by yourself, and the only expenses you must pay is the electricity bill. I mean double spending is not required. Beside of that, when you stay outdoors for sometime and close your eyes, the feel will be sensational as your mood will be influenced by the branch light. Find the joy when you use it. And fabricate it yourself. (images found on 1&2, 3, and 4).


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4 Photos of the Inspiring Branch Pendant Lamp DIY

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