Inspiring Memorial Park in Seoul

For solemn rituals that conclude the journey of life, a sanctuary has been created by Haeahn Architecture studio. Seoul Memorial Park located in the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea, precisely in a valley of the Woo Myun Mountain, is a crematorium. This beautiful construction curls around a water pool and a peaceful courtyard and folds up out of the landscape.

Thanks to the community’s response this magnificent park was planned as a form of art and a “non erected” building. The site is where the path is rooted, and grow gradually and peel out from the ground in order not to disturb the topography’s serenity. The entire area of the roof is covered with plants and grass. Alongside the two storey building, ponds and gardens are filling the area.

Those who come into this part of the building will part beneath a sheltered canopy before they continue passing the inner part of the building and end at one of the gardens. From the project, light was the most influential aspect thus to bring natural light from above into the building, skylights are used by the architects.

Sorrow is made more tolerable by this piece of Seoul Memorial Park. The architecture of this building is very good looking, the spirit is renewed and tranquility is discovered.


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7 Photos of the Inspiring Memorial Park in Seoul

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