Inspiring Modern Minimalist Residence in Tokyo

Mita Residence was developed by Toyota and Associates and YJP Architecture, is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan. This beautiful house is warm and make the guests happy, situated at a residential area and linked to a busy commercial area by a slopped street.

The work of the architects is bounded to the zoning regulations and they had to place the house within buildings with bigger scale. The regulation is tight and so influential. Their method  ensure a spacious environment and comfort for the families of the house owner. In addition the house design is made to accommodate up to three families without losing the quality of living, so this house is highly efficient.

The common shop house in Tokyo, Japan is used as the typical shape of the building. Moreover, in its most possible form the interior looks minimalist and clean but doesn’t look cold. The house owner wanted to have a warm ambience so the entire places were given neutral colors. A sense of openness is created from the use of huge windows in most areas of the space.

You can start your life perfectly at Mita Residence. This residence is a beautiful retreat and a nice contemporary house. This house is an opportunity of the lifetime, the best representation of beauty.


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10 Photos of the Inspiring Modern Minimalist Residence in Tokyo

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