Leather Carpets – Zanzibar Carpet by Limited Edition

This leather carpet is fabulous and loved by everyone especially those the fashion geek. Only available in limited edition and produced by a Belgium based company. Any room will look more exotic when the Zanzibar carpet is installed in your house and more emphasize is given for the floor panel covering with contemporary style.

Original leather strips with smooth surface is used with full aesthetic and ends with luxury treatment on your feet and even change the dragging floors. Moreover, this carpet is resistant to stain.

These leather carpets are available in metallic finish for a sense of sumtuousness and have brown color with rich accent, overall they looked modern and stylish. The carpet has a square shape sizing 55 by 55 cm. For any different space, the size is customizable and can be removed or added. Regular sizes are on hand too. Just check Limited Edition, and learn more.


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3 Photos of the Leather Carpets – Zanzibar Carpet by Limited Edition

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