Make Your Own Burlap Peg Bag

Create a DIY projects with original ideas to make your everyday life feels more personal. Now we will show you how to make an indispensable and simple item for your house, a very practical holder from clothespin. This DIY is very easy to make. First, prepare the tools such as a sewing machine, a ruler, a pen, scissors, all kinds of sturdy webbing, braided binding from a sack with 8 section, and a rescued sack of coffee.  Actually you can sew it with your hand, but it takes more time.

Once all the supplies have been gathered, take a burlap rectangle and then have it folded in half lengthwise. Keep the frying to a minimum and then sew each side. Then, have the corner boxed and then fold the bad that you made in half. Measure a line 2 across each corner on the tip and follow along the line using a ruler and a pen. To press the edges you may have to use an iron. Now you are done with your container. The final touches is the last thing to apply.

Create a handle using alternative material by cutting the braided binding from the side of a sack into 8 section. Then create a loop under the folded hem by tucking the bindings in both of the open ends. Then stitch it in place. This part is quite tricky but you have to handle it as possible, this tricky part is sewing it to the burlap sack. It feels tricky because of the aspect and the size of the loop. You can sew it by hand in case you find troubles with the sewing machine.

You know this project is very simple, right? You can find the materials easely and what you make will be an original item that you use while you do the laundry. Coffee sacks can be found easily but you can use other alternatives with the same materials. In the end, this project can have more personal touch from you.

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8 Photos of the Make Your Own Burlap Peg Bag

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