Metal Spiral Staircase design by Sandrini Scale

In terms of architecture, this staircase design is very stunning, and makes art more functional. Basically, the metal spiral staircase by etika is a sculpture work, it is very practical as well as beautiful. This metal staircase is developed by Sandrini Scale, an Italian company. The basic shape of this stair is obtained by fusing two spirals : one into the outside and one inside which works as a stiffy support for the previous ones. The helix shape is made using metal structure.

In the lower part, the base is formed using corten steel, bronze, or stainless steel and equipped with brushed and polished stainless steel, brass, copper, and bronze, painted or oxodozed iron, and even the extravagant leaf and silver leaf with gold color is applied. Power and beauty are shown through these spiral staircases. This architectural work is framed with a complex rail from metal and on the top point, some metal steps find its way up. Go and chek Sandrini Scale for more infos about the Etika Staircase.


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4 Photos of the Metal Spiral Staircase design by Sandrini Scale

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