Minimalist & Simple Ladder Laundry Rack

You can’t ignore the diminishing space of your apartment if you have lived in apartment for years. You may need some automatic solutions that run effective to tackle your space problems. Those who love easy and effective methods will love this small project and I will show you this and other kinds of spacy addicts.  This works by treating things with a special way, means to enhance the tiny space of an apartment. Soon when the project finished, you will see what I mean here.

Living in a small apartment means you have to be more creative because you have to do some house routines that cause some time such as doing the laundry. You need more space to hang all the clothes to dry, luckily a girl came up with a solution. She made a ladder hung by the ceiling with some hooks on it to hold all the clothes. Basically this ladder laundry rack is pretty easy to make, but first you may have to get some things like paint, an old wooden ladder and creative efforts. Once its done, take it off the ceiling.

The next thing to do is putting hooks and test the resilience, after that, look for some newly washed clothes and put them on the ladder to see the weight they can hold. Checking is necessary before you start using this simple ladder laundry rack.

I urge you to use this solution because it is not very costly to make but still functional and simple to make. (find more at littlelucylu).


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3 Photos of the Minimalist & Simple Ladder Laundry Rack

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