Modern Outdoor Furniture from Extremis using Kosmos

The Kosmos the legendary furniture from extremis for outdoor use is developed by Dirk Wynants. This furniture is extremely functional and excellent for outdoor activities and not looked outdated. In the middle, the seating with circular shape can be seated by six to nine people. This furniture is perfect for informal gatherings or occasional meetings.

The furniture is given leatherette upholstery and equipped with cushions from polyurethane foam hence it feels so dry. You’ll feel comfortable when you sit on it. Do you like stretching out your legs while you seat? Well its fine because the table can be lowered to the same height of the seat hence two or more people can lounge.

If you want to do this, the method is simple. Just add more cushions for the table and then take a nap on the kosmos after lunch. And if you feel that the day is too hot you can take the InUmbra for creating shade. This is a parasol that feels pleasing. When the sun penetrates the room, take the parasol because a light is incorporated in it. This furniture can be purchased at the Extremis and is an unusual innovation.

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4 Photos of the Modern Outdoor Furniture from Extremis using Kosmos

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